What You Need to Know About Abdominoplasties

A tummy tuck, when done properly, will make you look and feel better than you did before. You have your reasons for wanting the procedure. Arm yourself with information and have more confidence in your decision and your surgeon.

Want the Abs You've Dreamed Of?

Perhaps you want what you think are the ideal abs for you. Diet and exercise are just not producing the results to eliminate your excess skin or flab. Your "ideal abs" may or may not be possible; depending on many factors your surgeon will share with you. However, if you are a suitable candidate, rest assured that your surgeon will work with you and your body to reveal the abs, currently hidden, and perfect for your body.

Make no mistake, abdominoplasties are major surgeries, so make sure you have as much information as possible before making your final decisions.

If you do go ahead, the surgery will result in a flattening of your stomach by the removal of excess fat and skin and by tightening the muscles in your abdominal wall.

Check if You are a Good Candidate

Of course, your surgeon will confirm your suitability for the procedure before undertaking the surgery. Men and women thinking of getting this surgery should be in good health. It is a good idea to get a physical from your family doctor to ensure you do not have any pre-existing conditions that could heighten any surgical risks. By the way, women who have had several pregnancies find the procedure useful for reducing skin and tightening the ab muscles. Also, it can be a good solution for men and women who were obese and still have excess fat and loose skin around their belly.

  • Planning on getting pregnant?

    If ou plan on getting pregnant in the future postpone the procedure. The surgery tightens your muscles and giving birth can undo the work done with tightening the muscles.

  • Want to lose a lot of weight?

    Don't use the tummy tuck procedure as a weight loss alternative. It should be used as the last resort, for example, to enhance your appearance by removing the excess skin remaining from massive weight loss.

  • Surgical details

    Depending on what you need done you may need to have a complete or a partial (mini) abdominoplasty . Click on the icon to find out more.

  • Choosing a tummy tuck surgeon in Toronto

    This is obviously a very important part of the entire process. You need an experienced, competent surgeon with great bedside manners. Click on the icon to learn how to find him/her.

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